Meet the Editors

Daniel Bach

Daniel Bach is a managing editor of the Alinea Review and is currently a M.T.S. candidate at Wycliffe College at the University of Toronto. A self-styled Forrest Gump who unexpectedly ran into theological studies, before landing at Wycliffe Daniel previously completed his M.Ed. in Social Justice Education at OISE also at the University of Toronto. Primarily focused on catechetical theology, he always sees his other interests as ancillaries being embraced and furthered by his educational vocation. These include and are not limited to his interests in biblical economics, Christian pacifism and Christian ethics.

A born and bred Torontonian, Daniel like the real Forrest Gump is always curious to study the many cultures and traditions that like him call Toronto home. He is regularly rescued by his fiancée Christine who reminds him he is far too extreme, and who has the dubious distinction of having at one point almost singlehandedly liberated him from 4 years of philosophical veganism. No longer a vegan, he is now channeling his obsessive personality into his quest to crown Toronto’s best pizza slice.

Daniel can be reached at

J. Ryan Smith

J. Ryan Smith is a managing editor of Alinea Review and a graduate student at Wycliffe College at the University of Toronto. Ryan’s interests include hermeneutics, the relationship of the First Testament to the revelation of God in Jesus Christ, divine violence, the doctrine of God, and theodicy. His theological formation has taken place within a diverse menagerie of ecclesial traditions, including Mennonite, Baptist and Anglican.

Apart from his theological interests, Ryan is a country boy at heart who can’t help but size up any terrain for its potential yield of barley or canola. We strongly discourage any invitations to "hang out" while the New England Patriots play, as he will firmly decline your invitation (hopefully politely). Ryan lives in Toronto with his wife, daughter, son and third child, who he is anticipates meeting shortly.

Find him on Twitter @johnryansmith1 or email him at

Michael Reardon

Michael Reardon is a managing editor of Alinea Review and a graduate student pursuing Theological Ethics and New Testament Studies at Wycliffe College of the University of Toronto. His current project explores the utilization of Christian ethics within constitutional jurisprudence. Other interests include hermeneutic phenomenology (particularly Paul Ricoeur), pneumatology, Sino-Christian theology, Pietism, postliberal theology, and early-modern philosophy (specifically German idealism). Prior to entering academia Michael served both overseas as a missionary and at-home as a campus minister. These experiences deeply impacted him and caused him to prioritize a personal relationship with God as opposed to mere doctrinal understanding – as the apostle Paul clearly states, “the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life” (2 Cor. 3:6). This understanding of how the Christian faith may be rightly lived was formatively shaped by the writings of Watchman Nee and Witness Lee.

An American transplant to Toronto, Michael has spent the past six years yearning for more than 2.5 months of summer while wearing sweaters well into mid-June. He enjoys spending his free-time with his wife Joyce (how he got her to say ‘yes’ to their first date is a mystery comparable to the Trinity) and his five-year-old daughter Liora. He also looks forward to meeting his second child in December 2018.

Michael can be reached for questions, comments, coffee invitations, and article submissions at

Axel Kazadi

Axel Kazadi is a subject editor of Alinea Review and doctoral candidate at Wycliffe College at University of Toronto. He also serves as an Assistant Pastor of Youth and Young Adult Ministries at Milliken Wesleyan Methodist Church in Markham, ON. His current project is a comparative study of Calvin, Wesley, and Moltmann on the doctrine of ecclesiology. It specifically addresses the pneumatological nature and determination of the witness of the Church in the world. Axel’s interests include the theology of St. Augustine, Reformation theology (esp. John Calvin), John Wesley, Existential philosophy, Karl Barth, and Jürgen Moltmann.

Axel enjoys playing football (soccer in North American terms) in local intramural leagues, socializing with friends, and exploring music scenes in Toronto on his free time. If you are interested in reaching Axel, you can email him at

Jeremy M. Andrews

Jeremy Andrews is a subject editor and webmaster of Alinea Review, and a recent graduate of the Munk School of Global Affairs. He has a background in computer science, international relations, and public policy. He will be available to edit articles with a focus on public policy, current affairs, or technology.

Jeremy enjoys singing, travelling, train spotting, and amateur radio, among other hobbies.

He may be reached at