About Us

What is Alinea Review

Alinea Review is a platform to host interesting and provocative ideas about the world from the perspective of "small 'o' orthodoxy," or creedal Protestantism.

Who are you?

A group of students and scholars who study at the University of Toronto. Check out our Meet the Editors page for more information.

Why Alinea Review?

“Alinea” is the word the ancient Romans used to describe the line that marked the beginning of a new paragraph. This project hopes to embody both the continuity and discontinuity implied in the beginning of a “new paragraph.” We do not intend to relitigate every Christian conflict of the past two thousand years. On the other hand, we intend to engage the novel and challenging questions of our moment from within this ancient tradition.

“Review” reflects our aim to include the perspectives of a variety of dynamic and interesting scholars to explore these questions.

How can I pitch an article? 

Send a pitch for an article or a completed article draft to submissions@alineareview.com.

We will try to contact you as soon as possible.