(1) This Election Reminds Me Why Everybody Hates Thinking

“Pennarun, an engineer at Google, has commented, that one of the things that makes smart people smart is their skill at such rationalization: ‚ÄúSmart people have a problem, especially (although not only) when you put them in large groups. That problem is an ability to convincingly rationalize nearly anything”
– Alan Jacobs – How to Think

Alan Jacobs points out something that everybody who follows politics, has children, or basically speaks to any other person knows: people can convince themselves of anything.

There are NBA stars that believe in a flat earth. There is never a politician who doesn’t believe they are the best person to lead a country. There is never a doubt in a child’s mind that their motivation to hit another child was entirely justified by the laws of the playground.

This blog is about my relatively raw thoughts and an attempt to think through some of the things that I find helpful in navigating life. I spend my time reading, analyzing, comparing and synthesizing information. You might not care (more power to you), but I get a chance to read a lot of books you might not get a chance to read.

I’d like to share with you on this page some of these great ideas that other people have had and I am lucky enough to run into.

And the first book I’d like to share is the incomparable Alan Jacob’s How to Think. The book presses a basic truth: thinking is hard. I have found it incredible helpful as I rage about politics. I found myself doing far more reacting than thinking and far more grumbling than thoughtful reflection.

Its helped me and maybe it might help you

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