Call for Submissions – Write for us!

Alinea Review provides a space for informed and interesting young Christian scholars to explore questions about the Church, the faith, and society-at-large within the broad sphere of moderate evangelicalism.  Though we are happy to assess and publish unsolicited manuscripts, we ask that prospective writers submit a pitch of 150 words or less which outlines their proposed article prior to commencing writing.  This will ensure that the editors have an opportunity to provide feedback for possible improvements.  Submission of a manuscript does not guarantee publication.

The word limit of submissions is 2,500 words.  We are particularly interested in articles on the following topics:

  • Narrative articles centred upon one’s denominational persuasion or vocation.
  • Articles exploring particular economic or political systems in light of Christian convictions (e.g., an article could explore the positives and negatives of anarchism, republicanism, or socialism).
  • Articles that explore the dimensions of human life (e.g., exploring answers from the Scriptures or from historical figures such as Leibniz; narrative accounts of reconciling illness/death with faith; psychological analysis of trauma that is informed by faith, etc.).
  • Exploring different contemporary ideas which relate to Christian faith in philosophy, medicine, theology, hard sciences and the social sciences.
  • Exploring different technological and social issues that are not often discussed (i.e. not “hot-button issues”). Examples might be advances in neuroscience, plant sciences (such as agriculture), or neglected issues in the medical field.
  • Probing faith-related issues in education and evangelism (e.g., how to teach faith in the secular sphere; a faith-based approach to childhood pedagogy, etc.).

For most of the above topics, we strongly discourage any polemical edge in the content of the article.  We hope to emphasize the beauty, truth and goodness of the Christian faith, and believe that a constructive perspective is the best method to convey these goods. Accordingly, authors are called to hopeful articulation of their faith in light of the challenging realities which we all inhabit.

Please direct all inquiries to one of the managing editors:

Michael M. C. Reardon – (Managing Editor)Ryan Smith – (Managing Editor)

Ian Kissell – 

Send article submissions to: